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Commercial Building Inspections

We can provide detailed inspections reports of commercial properties that conform to, or exceed in many areas, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) E2018-15 which defines "good commercial and customary practice for conducting a baseline Property Condition Assessment (PCA)."

We are geared to move quickly and focus all our efforts on providing you with the necessary information. Our due diligence reports are designed for quick decision-making, with an easy-to-follow summary of recommendations and costs as well as photographs. Since, we do not offer contracting services, you can be assured that our opinions are unbiased. When needed, we have a team of specialized consultants that we bring in to provide extra detail in certain areas, if needed.

Written report

Reports are turned around quickly -- available the following business day after the site visit in many cases. Contact the office for an email proposal detailing the service we offer and access to a sample of our online report.

Our reports include:
  • Documentation of age (actual or estimated) and remaining service life (estimated) of all standard building mechanicals and components (heating, cooling, hot water, roofing, etc.)
  • Testing for leakage on exposed gas pipes
  • Infrared scan of interior for water or moisture intrusion
  • Inspection of electrical panels for 240-volt services
  • Evidence of structural compromise
  • Large color annotated photos
  • Cost estimates for major items that need attention
  • Document the findings and costs in a written report

Along with our reports, we offer a menu of property-specific consultation services from which you can select, including:
  • Infrared roof scan for leakage (must be done at night)
  • Full ADA Accessibility survey
  • Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Full elevator inspection
  • Environmental Data Report
  • Building Code / Fire Code Violation Inquiry / report
  • Fire Safety Inspection
  • Sewer interior pipe (camera snake) inspection