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Our report

Our online report is unique to this trade and must be seen to be appreciated. No other company can provide this format. It features a collapsible menu tree, which allows you to access any section of the report in seconds. You can also easily read it page by page on any computer or mobile device. Other companies only offer a flat PDF file, which can take awhile to navigate through if you're looking for specific details.

Conversation that happens on the day of the inspection may be forgotten, so the report serves as a written record of the inspection.

If you would like to get an idea of the quality of service you will receive, you should request a sample copy of an inspection company's written report. Although many companies will have them available for download at their web sites, other companies have not even bothered to make sample reports available. A refusal to this request should be regarded with suspicion. We have seen many home inspection reports on other company web sites, and aside from obvious spelling mistakes and poor grammar, many of these reports are really hard to read -- being jammed with redundant disclaimers and vague sentence fragments, leaving very little useful information.

We feel that on-site, or "checklist", reports that some inspection companies use are an inferior product. They usually include lots of extra general information that may not be applicable to your house. House-specific information is typically brief at best...assuming you can read the handwriting.

Our narrative, printed report, with annotated, large, color, digital photos, is 100% property-specific and is very clear and easy to read. Our reports average 40-60 pages in length, for the typical house or building (co-ops 20 - 30 pages; condos 25 - 40 pages). Costs estimates are provided for major items where appropriate. The hard copy report arrives by mail in about a week. However, we deliver an online version one business day after the inspection, often by mid-morning. Private access to online reports is via a link delivered by email or a username/password that can be entered into this site. After the verbal report at the end of the inspection, you will have a very good idea about what issues are present in the house. The report is comprehensive and can be used as a reference, or owner's manual, for your home and building for years to come.

We are proud to have full sample inspection reports available for your perusal so that you can see ahead of time the type of quality work you will receive. Contact our office for a detailed proposal and sample report similar to the type of building you're interested in.